A book a week

We’re 41 days into 2019 so it’s probably a little late for me to be banging on about my new year’s resolutions (yawn!), but hear me out.

This year, like almost every year for the past few years, I made the resolution to read more. Yet unlike every other year so far I’ve actually, surprisingly, kept to it – and I’ve exceeded my expectations.

I make this resolution year on year because I know how much I appreciate the power of a good story once I make the space, time and energy to read. More and more, the world is becoming a stress-filled, fast-paced, busy place, and reading feels like the perfect antidote to that.

Yet despite my best efforts, it’s far easier get home from a long day and be drawn to the easy, cosy world of Netflix than the slow-burning satisfaction of a paperback. And so out go the good intentions and back come the excuses (“oh, I’m just too busy to read!”). But this year, it seems I’m actually sticking to my resolution.

In part, this is thanks to the enormous amount of books I was lucky enough to receive at Christmas (ten!); it’s also thanks to my new and longer commute to work. And while setting off on a 40-minute bus ride at 7.15 every morning might not sound like something to be happy about, it’s done wonders for my reading habit.

Thanks to my journey between South and North London and rush-hour traffic, I’ve been getting through a book a week – which is probably more than I was reading at times during my English Lit degree. So that inspired me to add an extra element to my New Year’s resolution.

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, I’m aiming to read a book each week for the whole year. Of course, there might be weeks that this isn’t possible – but even if I only manage every other week, that’ll be 26 books read this year, which is pretty good going in my view.

I’m hoping to share my thoughts about the things I’ve read, how they’ve made me feel, and reflections on my reading journey as a whole. I’ll aim to cover contemporary fiction, bestsellers, lesser-known stuff and some non-fiction books, so there’ll be a bit of an eclectic mix. Anyway, for the time being, watch this space…